The dangerous psychological technique has no scientific basis, but the religious right keeps touting it as a cure for homosexuality.

Queen Elizabeth II has announced that the government will outlaw “ex-gay” conversion therapy, the dangerous psychological technique meant to “cure” a person of homosexuality.

While the practice has been discredited…

Organisers of a New Zealand book festival have dropped a Harry Potter quiz from the event over JK Rowling’s trans views, saying they want the festival to be a “welcoming place for everyone”.

The Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival in New Zealand said they have chosen not to feature the popular…

Iris Santos’ family is “requesting the community’s help with identifying the suspect” who apparently targeted and shot her while she sat at a table outside.

Iris SantosPhoto: Houston Police Department

Police are actively searching for a suspect in the murder of a Latina trans woman in Houston, Texas. Iris Santos, 22, was sitting at a…

The 75-year-old retiree paid a hitman €2,500 in April to attack his son, a 43-year-old surgeon, and his boyfriend. Neither the suspect nor the victims were identified by authorities.

Homophobic father hired a hitman to break his gay son’s fingers and attack his boyfriend

But the plot was thrown into disarray when the goon, after two weeks of stalking the victim and slashing his car…

Rupert “Twink” Starr, 97, was trying to help his attacker. (Karla Rothan/ Facebook)

A 97-year-old Second World War veteran and LGBT+ activist was robbed and assaulted in the street after trying to give money to his attacker.

Police in Columbus, Ohio, are searching for the man who attacked military vet…

Many leaders of ex-gay Christian ministries eventually come out as gay themselves and admit the practice doesn’t work.

May 17, 2015: The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, and Transphobia was marked with rainbow flags in JakartaPhoto: Shutterstock

Indonesia is on track to criminalize homosexuality and the punishment would be absurd. If found guilty, the accused would be required to undergo “rehabilitation” to have their homosexuality removed.

How? Most…

A man threw something at the journalist’s face because he thought he looked gay, according to police.

Homophobic people attacked TV journalist in vicious anti-gay hate crime could suffer permanent injuries

The journalist had a message for viewers as he heals from the alleged hate crime.Photo: Screenshot/Facebook

A regional Emmy-award winning news reporter from Minnesota may have been the victim of an anti-gay hate…

Discover the best gay, lesbian and LGBT-friendly bars and pubs in London

London’s LGBT scene is among the brightest and most fabulous in the world. …

Gay men are being harassed and abused in Morocco after photos taken from gay chat apps were circulated online.

Photos spread after a social media influencer told her followers to make fake accounts on apps to see how common homosexuality is.

Homosexuality is illegal in the conservative Muslim country, which…

Police in Bangladesh have arrested 27 men “for homosexuality.” Same-sex relations are a crime in the conservative Muslim-majority country.

Police guard the building where two LGBT activists were stabbed to death in Dhaka in 2016

An elite police unit detained the 27 men in a raid on a community center…

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